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commercial activities CASSIOPEIA LLC

Offer type: salePublished: 15.12.2014
Seller:Invest Pros
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Address:Russian Federation
If You decide to start your own business
"from scratch" and register
legal entity, then You have
the choice, as it can be done.
The first option will appeal to
registration, or the second option,
free to register
company. At first glance,
self-registration is
the most economical way.
But really, You
you will need a lot of effort and knowledge
some features, not
Using our
offer you
the opportunity to buy a ready-made,
the registered firm with convenient
just for you - organizational
legal form. It can be as
LLC and OJSC, CJSC. In addition,
you have the opportunity to choose
the business, which is already open
current account and registered
legal address
More offers on the website
The ability to change the look
activity in a short time
Assets: not being at this time
Market / Competition: a convenient system
Growth / development: your Own business.
The extension already
the existing enterprise.
Best option for
investing cash
Support and training:
Is domiciled,