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Trading in sportswear and goods

Offer type: salePublished: 15.12.2014
Seller:Invest Pros
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Address:Russian Federation
The project "Tiberiana" from "PROSINVEST" - ready business "turnkey" with a unique corporate identity and logo
Think about starting my own business? Do you have plans expansion of existing businesses? Looking for best option to invest money?
Often on the way to achieving these goals are difficulties in the form of organizational issues: registration of the company, opening a Bank account and other protracted and tedious activities.
Our company "PROSINVEST" is a profitable business "turnkey", which solves all the above problems. "Tiberiana is a project ready-to-business selling sports clothing and goods.
In recent years, an increasing number of people prefer healthy and active lifestyle. Sports clothing is gaining popularity among the mass of consumers while creating casual looks. These trends indicate the availability of such business, as the sale of sporting goods and sports clothing style.
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Assets: not currently being
Market / Competition: For the project "Tiberiana" our designers have developed a unique style and a logo that will distinguish your company from a wide variety of competitors. Perfectly-designed elements create original and memorable image that will become the hallmark of your successful business!
Growth / expansion: You purchase a package solved the organizational aspects and further support:
· The company is registered with the constituent documents;
· designed a Bank account;
· designed by our professional designers, corporate identity and company logo (this is an important element in the creation and development of the brand);
· ready-made online store for the sale of sporting goods (including equipment, sports nutrition);
· week free rinse
Support and training: the Project "Tiberiana" from "PROSINVEST" - ready business with a minimal investment of effort, time and nerves.