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More freedom with the new Sandero Stepway

Offer type: salePublished: 12.12.2014
A new version of the Renault Sandero, Stepway already on sale in showrooms official dealer of Renault "Avantaym".
The Renault constantly develops and demonstrates new products of their production to consumers with enviable regularity. 2014 was rich in premiere. In showrooms "Avantaym already bought a lot of cars Logan and Sandero new versions. Now we are glad to present You the new Renault Sandero Stepway.
This model is as before has a high reliability and safety, and maneuverability on city streets. However, it can be noted and additional new features Renault Sandero, Stepway 2nd generation. Restyling touched and impressive stylish design and body shape, and trim. In addition, engineers Reno has been update and technical stuffing of the car. Especially developers note the suitability of the new Sandero, Stepway for a tough Russian roads and the harsh climate. Driving this car You will feel safe and comfortable even in winter weather.
The car is already available in the showrooms of the company "Avantaym". You can request to buy a new Renault Sandero Stepway on our website or contact by phone(495) 921-02-02, (495) 212-212-3.
About company
The company AVANTAYM - the official dealer of Renault in Moscow and the Moscow region, the company brand RENO, producing a full range of certified car brand Renault. The company works on the principle 3S (i.e., including a full range of services: car sales, service, spare parts and accessories). Dealership "Avantaym" can meet the needs of the most demanding motorists. The company also is the exclusive company for the sale and service of electric Renault.
Official dealer of Renault in Moscow “Avantaym”
, Moscow, Dmitry Ulyanov street, 7B (m Academic)
(495) 921-02-02
, Moscow, Volgogradskiy PR-t, 42, K. 5 (m textile workers)
(495) 212-212-3