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Cемена фирмы Китано (KITANO SEEDS)

Offer type: salePublished: 19.09.2018
Seller:Volkov Sergej
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Offer to buy seeds pink tomato Kibo F1 / Kibo
Type: Indeterminate
early tomato
powerful balanced plant generates 5-6 marketable fruit on hand
the fruit is attractive, flat-rounded, very dense,PINK
average weight: 320-350 g
fruit surface smooth
no green spots near the stem
great taste, sweet taste
attractive appearance
good ties of fruits in stressful conditions
excellent resistance to cracking during the period of intensive irrigation
the most resistant to high temperatures and sudden temperature changes
Purpose: implementation of market fresh vegetables
Additional information:
for growing in plastic film greenhouses
great for first, second, and prolonged circulation
the standard of quality pink tomato
LEADER in taste, transportability and consumer demand