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Seeds Kitano

Offer type: salePublished: 20.09.2018
Seller:Volkov Sergej
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Offer to buy tomato seeds Aswan F1 / Aswan
Type: Determinate
early hybrid, ripening through 95-100 days
the plant is compact with high power shrub
abundant vegetative mass protects the fruit from sunburn
excellent ties of fruits at high temperatures
fruits rounded-cube-shaped, very thick and fleshy
average fruit weight: 70-90 g
fruits saturated dark red burning colors, both outside and inside
the flesh is dense, homogeneous, with high solids content (5,4-6,0%)
without a green spot near the stem
no white rod inside the fruit
concentrated abundant maturation and long fruiting
the number of fruits per plant is over 100
the fruit is perfectly retain their shape and weight, not hollowed out and not fall off from the heat
excellent taste in salting, tomato looks nice in the Bank
Purpose: for sale on the fresh market, processing, canning
Additional information:
high-yield (100 t/ha), low-growing hybrid
taste, padding, color, smell this field tomato
high disease resistance
tolerance to apical rot fruit
unique resistance to stress hot and dry conditions
well withstand transportation over large distances
comes off with a tail and no tail, which gives an attractive appearance to the product
excellent ties of fruits at high temperatures
high solids content can increase its price at the time of processing