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A Christmas gift from Zebra Technologies - fiscal printer Zebra-EZ320K

Offer type: salePublished: 11.12.2014
New fiscal printer Zеbrа-EZ320K was a real Christmas gift from eminent manufacturer - Zebra Tесhnolоgies.
The new product, developed by American specialists in cooperation with two Russian companies will enter the market in early 2015 and according to developers, will be a worthy response to customer demand for quality mobile printer "fiscal capacity".
As experts of SAURON, Zеbrа-EZ320К has fiscal functions and almost all the benefits of mobile printers. Powerful 32 - bit processor, expanded memory (16 MB SRAM and 8 MB flash), secure the battery (12 hours, 1000 checks) in combination with increased protection and durability (protection class IP54) and high printing speed 50 mm/s are a serious claim to a leadership position on the Russian and foreign markets.
Fiscal printer EZ320K equipped with USB 2.0 and Bluetooth v2.0, and also supports most of the fonts. Moreover, the device has the fiscal memory modules and compact energy saving EKLZ-4. The number of nice options, experts SAURON, have special sensors that allow the printer to detect the marks and streaks on the paper, and also to signal the opening of the lid. Among the fiscal functions of the device such as interchangeable, information and fiscal reports, conducting automated testing, and maintenance of the electronic journal. To acquire fiscal printer in Sautron.
Small size and ability to carry the printer on a special belt do the work with your device as comfortable as possible. A simplified algorithm change consumables and special open design significantly optimize and speed up the work with EZ320K.
According to preliminary estimates, the scope of Zebra-EZ320K promises to be very broad. This and various types of field sales, courier service, delivery service, dining area, gas station, and inventory control.