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Steam heater type FG1 and PP

Offer type: salePublished: 10.12.2014
Seller:Zamiralova Valeriya
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We offer a wide range of steam-water heaters PP at low prices:
PP-6-0,2-II, PP-9-0.7-II, PP-9-0,7-IV, PP-11-0.2-II, PP-16-0,2-II, PP-17-0.7-II, PP-17-0.7-IV, FG1-21-0.2-II, FG1-24-0.7-II, FG1-24-0.7-IV, FG1-32-0.7-II, FG1-32-0.7-IV, FG1-35-0.2-II, FG1-53-0.7-II, FG1-53-0.7-IV, FG1-71-0.2-II, FG1-76-0.7-IV, FG1-76-0.7-IV, FG1-108-0.7-II, FG1-108-0.7-IV.