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The Complexone-6, Complexant Actonel 450

Offer type: salePublished: 10.12.2014
Seller:Zamiralova Valeriya
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Automatic batching system components Complexone-6" and Actonel in the presence and under the order. MAP the Complexone-6 is designed to process water makeup water circulation systems, heating systems and hot water inhibitors deposits of carbonates of calcium, magnesium and corrosion inhibitors. The average charge recharge of 0.5 m³/h; up to 1.5 m³/h ; up to 5 m³/h; up to 10 m³/h; up to 20 m³/h; up to 40 m³/h ; up to 80 m³/h and more. Complexant Actonel-450-1(cans by 6 and 36 kg) and complexant Actonel-450-2(bags of 5 kg). Shipments to the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.