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Motorola has released information kiosk for fans tablets

Offer type: salePublished: 09.12.2014
Motorola has introduced a new information kiosk - Motorola CC5000, which undoubtedly will please all fans of the tablets.
Motorola CC5000 is a truly innovative design. Its interactive platform, due to its unique configuration allows customers to make an independent search for information about products and services to make online purchases and to contact the consultant through the built-in voice and video communication.
The device's OS is widely popular Android Jellybean 4.1, which not only simplifies the work with CC5000, but also makes it very similar to modern tablets. As noted in SAUTRON, the ability to set custom enterprise applications, and to combine their applications and special applications Motorola only increase the above-mentioned similarities. To purchase a kiosk in Sautron.
CC5000 will allow customers to search their interested products or services, read reviews from other buyers, and also to purchase products through the online store. Similar functions, according to the experts, greatly enhance customer loyalty.
Experts SAURON noted that the Motorola CC5000 built - in barcode scanner, which allows the reading of the barcode label and display apparatus information about the product and its cost. Moreover, the kiosk can function as a POS system, provided that accession to the receipt printer or card reader.
A nice bonus was the presence of an 8 - megapixel camera, which together with three sensitive microphones provide the opportunity for voice calls, and video conferencing.