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Vertical Aluminum radiators Global Oscar

Offer type: salePublished: 08.12.2014
Seller:Al'rad Elena
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If You want to buy quality and affordable radiator - we are ready to introduce vertical aluminum radiators Global Oscar . Vertical radiators Global Oscar in the presence of 1,200, 1400,1600,1800,2000 mm, have a huge number of strengths, unlike radiators other firms has a wall thickness of 2.25 mm, when connecting the horizontal and vertical collector welding is used, and not adhesive also plus they are very convenient and practical, on the order of the radiator, you can add a shelf for drying towels. If you set the horizontal radiator is not possible vertical Italian aluminum radiator Global Oscar can be sectionally from 3 to 7 partitions exactly what You need. Radiators Global Oscar made by way of extrusion and unlike radiators injection molding is a bit more demanding of the quality of water. We guarantee the quality and reliability of vertical radiators Global Oscar.