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Sale granulator ZLSP-200 (R-type), KMPM-350, ZLSP-300C and the other from "Investpro"

Offer type: salePublished: 05.12.2014
Seller:Pankov Sergej Anatol'evich
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Address:Russian Federation, Belgorodskaya Oblast', Stary Oskol
If you think to buy construction or industrial equipment, then we recommend you call to Secretariat of the company "Investpro". Immediately ought to select a popular model granulators: ZLSP-200, ZLSP-300, ZLSP-120B, KMPM-250 and even personal fabrication. For 650 thousand rubles, for example, you could order granulator KMPM-320 (ring). Its performance will depend on model) from 600 to 1500 kg/h, and the size 2200-1000-2100 in millimeters. Detailed information you will find on the official web-portal or call the provided phone.