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Kilovoltmeter SLE 120 modernized similar ECC 120

Offer type: salePublished: 04.12.2014
Seller:Batischeva Ekaterina
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Address:Russian Federation, Volgogradskaya Oblast', Volgograd
Built-in USB interface and software with additional features for personal computer. OOO Instrument Company high Voltage Technology offers SLE-120 - kilovoltmeter multirange digital is designed to measure the RMS values of the high voltage DC and AC current and voltage of arbitrary shape. Additionally kilovoltmeter makes measurements of the positive and negative amplitude values of voltage, medium voltage and is equipped with a USB interface for display on the PC screen form and quality parameters voltage curve in real-time. This allows power producers to assess the loss in power generating machines and lines from the used nonlinear load from the consumer.
Meets the requirements of the Regulations for electrical installation (REI) in paragraph (4.2.86 (distance requirements in light between uninsulated live parts of different phases, from uninsulated live parts to earthed structures and fencing, gender and land).
Fully complies with the requirements of the Regulations for electrical installation (REI) in paragraph (4.2.86
Two of the limit of measurement in a single divider 1...25 kV and 25...145 kV
The smallest relative error among the competitors at every point in the range of 0.25%
Application of methods of stabilization of liquid dielectric - high stability divider
Three models with a relative error of - 0.25 %, 0.5 % and 1.0 %
An additional function of battery +12 V
Alarm on exceeding the maximum limit of measurement
Cable length 15 m on request
There are three classes of accuracy 1%,0,5%,0,25%. At your request, possible verification. 115 000,00 rubles