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System remove dust from the production of food and plastics industry

Offer type: salePublished: 03.12.2014
Seller:Petrov Aleksej
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Address:Russian Federation, Kostromskaya Oblast', Kostroma
System remove dust from the production of food and plastics industry
Sorting of raw materials, including secondary, allows to significantly reduce the cost of the finished product.
Serial production of the new generation equipment for electro-optical sorting discrete products (fotoaparati) using neural algorithms.
The new generation is different from previous new architecture, high-precision high-speed electronics and software. It surpasses the characteristics of domestic and foreign counterparts. The base number has a capacity of 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 kg of bulk material per hour.
For more than 15 years of experience in the markets of Russia, Belarus and other countries, our equipment has been proven in various sectors of economic activity:
• harvesting of berries and mushrooms: sorting, shock freezing and packaging;
• food industry: production of cereals, porridge, cereals, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, tea, coffee, chocolate and sweets;
• polymer industry: sorting recycled materials by color, size, and geometry;
• agriculture: breeding crops to seed and farms;
• fishing: sorting fish on a fishing Seiners;
• production of fertilizers, building materials, garbage sorting and precious stones.
In addition to the electro-optical modules lines are equipped with various devices mechanical cleaning, sorting and shock freezing.
Many years of experience operating our screening equipment confirmed its high reliability, ease of operation, selectivity and adaptability to a specific type of product. Self-learning function allows in a short time when the average skill of the operator to configure the line to work with different types of feedstock and/or its quality.
The use of modern technology sorting of raw materials generally fundamentally effect on reducing cost and improving quality.
Recently introduced to the market and already well-proven system to remove dust from the product for the food and plastics industry.
Other activities LLC Artmas":
• creation of special equipment for manufacturing plants adapted to specific technologies;
• automation of technological processes;
• manufacture and repair of extrusion tooling, calender rolls, screws and screw pairs;
• development and production of various systems batching;
• development and manufacturing of conveyors of all types (screw, belt, bucket Elevator and chain), the wrapping of pallet and so on;
• renovation of equipment.
Most of our developments are unique and protected by patents. We are a regional company, so we can provide a fundamentally lower cost of equipment, effective warranty and post-warranty service, quick and cheaper repairs, in comparison with foreign competitors.
More detailed information can be found on our website or contact our engineers and designers.