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The clamps. Bimetal band saws. Coolant

Offer type: salePublished: 02.12.2014
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Address:Republic of Belarus
LLC "PILSNER" invites You to mutually beneficial cooperation bimetal band saws. We are the official distributor of the Foreign Enterprise "BACCO TOOLS and are looking for new customers to sell our products.
Our products:
Bimetal band saw (width from 6 to 54 mm, thickness from 0.5 to 1.6 mm) for cutting metals, alloys, non-metallic and polymeric materials, wood (from 6 to 54 mm), skin and other
Distinctive features such saws:
- High hardness of the cutting tooth (made from M2 high speed steel (similar R6M5) hardness 66-67 HRC);
- Good flexibility fundamentals saws with high resistance to alternating loads (made of alloy steel with spring properties - D6A (similar to steel NF) hardness of 44-46 HRC).
Bimetal and carbide circular saws are designed for drilling holes with diameter from 14 mm to 210 mm in metal, wood, plastic, plasterboard.
Due to the special construction of the circular saw, BACCO fits all professional manual drills and drilling machines.
All circular saws BAHCO:
•Provide high accuracy and quality of cutting.
•Provide high performance.
•Produce sawing holes 14 to 210 mm
•Provide in-depth sawing up to 38 mm (1 1/2 inches).
•Have a rigid flat base capable of withstanding high loads.
•Provide increased safety in the operation of bimetallic hard, but not brittle, and has a high wear resistance).
•Have the top of the tooth HSS or carbide.
Pneumatic tools: wrenches, screwdrivers, slotmachine etc.
Woodworking tools: all kinds of saws, corner-bar, bow saws and cloths, scrapers, chisels, clamps, hammers, spirit levels, jigsaws.
Drill bits for metal, wood, concrete, sets of drills.
The different screwdriver bits, hexagons, etc.
Garden tools: pruners, scissors, choppers, cutting saws, pole, bow saws, brush cutters, cutting blades, grinding stones, axes, rakes, shovels, cleaver.
In cooperation with us You will receive the following benefits:
- the use of a unique tool, a great resource developments;
- warranty on the welding seam;
- each batch is packaged in a cardboard box;
- for orders of 10 pieces drank or in the amount of 2 million Bel. RUB the delivery is carried out by the transport provider;
- production time is 1-2 days, shipment period 1-2 days;
- good prices (cost per meter tape justified).
We would be grateful if You will consider the possibility of concluding long-term agreements for the supply of our products. Order and buy the bandsaw You can on the website