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Mongolian winter boots

Offer type: salePublished: 01.12.2014
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Address:Russian Federation
Clothing store special purpose here you can find a topical selection of men's and women's winter shoes for every taste, including Mongolian fur boots. Comfortable, domestic, high-quality tailoring footwear, made of natural materials (dog fur, leather, Yak, camel wool) warmth and comfort while traveling in harsh winter conditions. Mongolian winter boots due to the dog's fur well-kept warm and hygroscopic, Yak skin has increased strength, and three-layer sole of camel's hair and skin protects feet from cold. Such fur boots are comfortable to wear and dressing. All this gives a huge advantage Mongolian boots on the market modern winter footwear. Male and female models Mongolian boots of various colors and sizes you can order and buy at