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Steel wire rope GOST 7681-80

Offer type: salePublished: 03.04.2017
Seller:Ryibakov Vasilij
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Address:Moscow, Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
This standard applies to steel wire ropes of double strand mnogoplatnye linear contact of wires in the strands of type LK-On with one of the organic core.
Examples of legend.
Rope 20,5-G-1-L-O-MK-N-T-1960 GOST 7681-80 - mnogoplodnyi rope GOST 7681-80 diameter 20.5 mm, cargo destination, wire without coating, grade 1, left sided strand, Malorossiya, nerastraivaisya, nerisovannye, high precision, marking the group's 1960 N/mm2 (200 kgf/mm2).
Large range of sizes of ropes GOST 7681-80 available. Operative to send products in the regions.