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Steel wire rope GOST 2688-80

Offer type: salePublished: 21.03.2017
Seller:Ryibakov Vasilij
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Address:Moscow, Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
This standard applies to steel wire ropes of double-strand linear contact of wires in the strands of type LK-R design h(1+6+6/6) with one of the organic core.
Recommendations for use of steel ropes GOST 2688-80.
Cranes: grab the ropes, jib ropes, rope hoists, lifting ropes metallurgical cranes, lifting ropes gantry cranes, hoisting ropes of the ship cranes, lifting ropes for cranes, lifting ropes of cranes, lifting ropes for tower cranes and other earth-moving machines and mining machines: scraper ropes, ropes for winches and other Trawlers: the ropes to snap-traps and other Rigs: ropes for drilling machines and other Cable car: carrying ropes, pulling ropes and other Mine hoists installation: lifting ropes for sloping rise, lifting ropes for vertical lift and other lifts: rope for hydraulic elevators, ropes for drum winches, ropes pulleys friction and other
Examples of legend.
The rope 12-CH-B-L-0-N-T-1770 GOST 2688-80 - steel wire rope GOST 2688-80 diameter of 12.0 mm, grusauskas purpose of the wire without coating, marks, left sided strand, nerastraivaisya, nerisovannye, high precision marking group 1770 N/mm2 (180 kgf/mm2).
Large range of sizes of ropes GOST 2688-80-80 available. Operative to send products in the regions.