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Ground wire MOH-RC-N-R

Offer type: salePublished: 01.10.2020
Seller:Ryibakov Vasilij
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Address:Moscow, Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
We supply an upgraded version of the Lightning cable MH-RC-N-P diameters of 9.2; 11,0; 13,0 mm marking groups 1370, 1470, 1570, 1770 N/mm2 designed for hanging on the power lines of 35 kV and above for protection against direct lightning strikes. The necessity of using this shielding wire from 01.07.2009 year at the enterprises of JSC "FGC UES agreed and approved in a letter JSC "FGC UES" No. CHA/29/57 dated 22.06.2009.
Use Shielding wire type MH-RC-H-R necessarily for new construction and reconstruction of VL, and overhaul is a recommendation. In order to improve the reliability of overhead lines, as well as for the prevention of accidents at the crossing sites, and given the number of advantages Shielding wire brand MOH-RC-N-R , compared to Lightning cable made according to GOST 3062-80; GOST 3063-80; GOST 3064-80, it is recommended to use an upgraded version of the Lightning cable brand MOH-RC-H-MK-P in the following locations:
-Spans of overhead lines, with the intersection of the engineering structures, ( electrified not electrified Railways, other transmission lines, communication lines, etc).
-Spans of overhead lines with crossing navigable rivers, canals, lakes and reservoirs regardless of the length of the span and height of the installed bearings.
-Spans of overhead lines with crossing various buildings and structures ( homes, cottages, garages and so on), the construction of which in the buffer zone owner meets the requirements.
-Call on SS VL, "predpostenie the spans of the span of the supports between the portal and the "first" pillar of the owner.
Ground wire MOH-RC-N-R is manufactured length 1000 or 2000 m on the drum, it is also possible to cut pieces the size of the customer.