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Ground wire C-50/TC-50/TC-9,1

Offer type: salePublished: 12.07.2018
Seller:Ryibakov Vasilij
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Ground wire C-50 made in the form of galvanized steel rope for protection of transmission lines against atmospheric overvoltages and direct lightning strikes. Different sources have different designations of the lightning cable-50, such as a ground wire TC-50, ground wire TC 9,1 or ground wire TC of 9.2. Recommended as a shielding wire With 50 to apply the rope galvanized steel according to GOST 3063-80 diameter 9.1 mm with an estimated cross-sectional area of all wires 48,64 mm2, as well as shielding wire TC-50 may be used galvanized wire ropes according to GOST 3062-80 diameter of 9.2 mm with an estimated cross-sectional area of all wires 50,45 mm2.
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