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Calico severe from the manufacturer!

Offer type: salePublished: 31.01.2020
Seller:Babamirzaev Abdulvohid
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Address:Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Calico is a very practical, does not require special care, tender to the touch fabric. Depending on the density of weaving of coarse you can do both ceremonial and everyday headset. And modern technology applying gaskets allow to Express in fabric calico wildest creative solutions to get rich, pleasing to the human eye.
Fabric calico differs in that it has front and back sides the same number of main and weft overlaps, i.e. it is reversible. That is why calico has a smooth matte surface and a similar appearance as the front and the reverse sides. In addition, providing the greatest number of relationships between warp and weft, plain weave allows you to develop the most durable fabric. Thus, beshawled easy, but at the same time durable cloth. It has low creasing, easily washed and well ironed. Finally, calico is made from 100% cotton, and, therefore, is a natural and breathable fabric.
Calico severe crusat in different colors and this fabric is called printed fabric.
Width-cm,with a density of 100 g/m2
Width-cm,density-120 gr/m2
Width-cm,with a density of 140 g/m2
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