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Machines from Australia for sharpening saws - from 33 thousand rubles.

Offer type: salePublished: 20.11.2017
Seller:Danilov Oleg Yur'evich
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Address:Sverdlovskaya Oblast', Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation
Sell inventory at factory prices
Machine - 45 thousand rubles for 1 piece (left 9 machines)
Semi - 33 thousand rubles for 1 piece (there are 5 machines)
Shipped from a warehouse in Ekaterinburg and Nizhny.
Gift: abrasive grinding wheels "complete"!
What can you sharpen?
Automatic sharpening band saws:
- cutting on wood, width from 32 to 76 mm, step 19, 22, 25 mm;
- carpentry, width from 16 to 40 mm, and a pitch of 8 mm (3 tpi);
- food (meat, fish), a width of 16 and 19 mm increments from 3 tpi;
- metal with regular step width from 16 to 25 mm, in increments of 3 tpi.
* After sharpening on our machine the divorce on the teeth is not necessary to rule after each sharpening!
* Precision sharpening does not depend on the wear of the circle through proper kinematics of the filing of the circle.
* Quality sharpening guaranteed speed range - 6500 rpm
* Powered from car battery or from a household 220V, 50 Hz.
* The possibility of "open air" just beat the nail to the nearest tree.