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Chocolate Belcolade Belgium price 400/ pack

Offer type: salePublished: 17.12.2013
Seller:Kovyazin Vsevolod
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Melitopol'
Natural Belgian chocolate Belcolade
"Bacolod" appreciated the chocolate business from all over the world, and the wealth of this range of chocolate products creates endless possibilities for creativity!
If your goal is to make a strong first impression, chocolate is one of the best solutions, with which it can be done.
Most people love and enjoy its delicious taste, which, thanks to cocoa, attracts people like chocolate magnet. The food of this kind are always taken with pleasure and, at all times, accompanied by people in moments of joy, relaxation and celebration.
And yet, many people believe that chocolate elegant and appropriate corporate gift, ideal for business creating a reputation. In my everyday life chocolate finds its use for many years. And one of the well-known for his roles in the society are used as a means to persuade and encourage people. If the person or company want to convince you to decide in their favor, chocolate, with high probability, can become an assistant in this matter. And chocolate is a perfect opportunity to confess your love or just to improve relations with a man.
The only question is, what kind of chocolate to choose for different occasions.
We offer natural Belgian chocolate "Bacolod".
This chocolate is perfect for:
- Glazing
- Manufacture of chocolates
- Manufacture of chocolate decor
- Making mousses, creams, fillings
Black chocolate "Bacolod" - excellent quality combined with a rich, slightly bitter taste will not impress any chocolate lover .
Milk chocolate "Belcolade is a mild taste with a hint of milk and vanilla, it will be a great addition to any confectionery simply adore children!
White chocolate "Bacolod" is distinguished by the simplicity and elegance of taste