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Modular coating for swimming pools, saunas, aquaparks, showers and other

Offer type: salePublished: 16.12.2013
Seller:Emets Vitalij Olegovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv
We offer to Your attention the floor of the polymer material of its own production:
Scope modular polymer flooring is so wide that is limited only by your imagination:
Our imagination is limited to the following list:
-covering the slippery tiles around the stationary pools;
tracks for shower rooms and mats for shower stalls;
-tracks and mats for water parks;
tracks in the country and in the garden;
-beach area around the lungs swimming pools inflatable and frame);
children playgrounds;
-sports grounds;
-bathrooms, baths, saunas;
-hot and cold shop catering;
-the entrance to the premises from the street (foot Mat);
-beach Mat, Mat for the floor of the tent;
-cabins, changing rooms, drying...
The recommended temperature range of the coating from -25°C to +110°C.
The modular design of plastic floor covering can cover the area of any configuration. The dimensions of the one tile: Hm. Due to the simplicity and speed of Assembly and disassembly of the floor covering, it is possible to cover any area quickly and efficiently, and again, if necessary to disassemble the floor and to gather elsewhere.
Modular floor well washed under running water, easily disassembled or rolled into a roll, thereby allowing effortless to maintain cleanliness and ensure safety in slippery or wet floors.
Wide color gamut is manufactured to order in the shortest terms. In stock always available blue, green, and blue color.
Combining color modules can be put inscriptions, drawings and logos.
Willing to provide free samples!
Delivery to all cities of Ukraine New Mail, Autolux!