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a collection of EIGHT brands SIN and YES MISS

Offer type: salePublished: 10.12.2013
Seller:ufimtseva yuliya
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Offer postayannoy the basis of a new collection of EIGHT brands SIN and YES MISS, please contact for the details!
Eighth Sin immediately gained the recognition of the Russian amatures "denim glamour". Indeed, embroidered sequin jeans and t-shirts under the brand Eighth Sin look very elegant and at the same time stylish, and they are not ashamed to go to a party or just walking around the city.
The signature under the logo Yes Miss, "The Love brand" is not an empty sound: you won't believe, but the company's designers conduct special research to find out what kind of clothes like girls in love! Believing that love rules the world, Yes Miss creates clothes air from the lungs to tissues, gently caressing the skin, bright and sensual razvitak.
Designers Yes Miss say they are in love with girls, which makes clothes, and strive to give them a particle of love in their collections!