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Extrusion line for sprinkler or garden hose PVC closed gymnasium T10,16,20,40,50 mm

Offer type: salePublished: 10.12.2013
Seller:Sun' Katya
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Line for garden and watering hoses PVC, two or three.
Extrusion line for reinforced hoses, PVC fibers, threads
LSJ45/28 LSJ65/28 LSJ75/28
LSJ45/28 (closed gymnasium T10-20mm) LSJ65/28 (F-40mm) LSJ75/28 (F-50mm)
Extruder single screw, 2 comp.
Head, 2 comp.
Bath cooling, 2 comp.
Pulling device 2 comp.
Setquestion machine, 1 comp.
Stove, 1 comp.
Twostation winding, 1 comp.