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Offer type: salePublished: 07.12.2013
Seller:Buhalenkov Aleksandr
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Address:Russian Federation, Leningradskaya Oblast', Saint-Petersburg
How to create without the risks YOUR BUSINESS or open a NEW direction for the price of the car.
Factory Card" is a company with proven success in St. Petersburg and regions of Russia (our customers throughout Russia and Europe),
for 6 years served more than 5,000 clients.
Our FOUNDER - Daniel Trofimov - successful personal development coach, trusted by tens of thousands of people across Russia
Our PRODUCT is a plastic card used EVERYWHERE in loyalty programs (discounts, loyalty cards, VIP cards), traffic systems,
lotteries, cards, and other plastic products, as well as Souvenirs.
Our MISSION is to Reduce the distance between you and your customers (businesses, working with individuals)
We are now EXPANDING into the regions of Russia and CIS - and you can participate in building the Federal network!
* Real PRODUCTION, NOT speculation => reliably and profitably
* Developing topic => be one of the first!
* Scalable production model => flexibility
* Successful practices for attracting customers and production technology! => there is almost no risk of losing money, time and reputation
* Poddelka budding entrepreneurs at all stages we passed this way, and you will pass it to us very quickly!
* Payback of 6 months
* And much more
Open your "factory" and get 150, 000 rubles per month with production franchise Factory Card"
The cost of a franchise - from 90 to 800 thousand rubles, more details in the presentation.
Only honest, active and decent people!
The offer is LIMITED - no more than 1 franchise in 1 city! (in some regions)
Make a real step in entrepreneurship!