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Oak, beech, ash, maple,

Offer type: salePublished: 04.12.2013
Seller:Nikitov Nikolaj Vasil'evich
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Address:Russian Federation, Krasnodarskiy Kray, Armavir
Produce and sell the lumber hardwoods: beech, oak, ash, Linden, elm, acacia, maple.
Work from 10kub.m. Sending regions.
Drying in the chamber.
Any form of payment.
today we can offer a lumber warehouse in Armavir:
1. Oak unedged 50mm, dry 8% length 4m grade 0-1 co.m. R.
2. Oak unedged 33mm natures. humidity 4th grade 0-1-2 co.m. R.
3. Ash uncut 33mm eats. humidity 4th grade 0-1 co.m. R.
4. Ash uncut 54mm eats. 2 humidity-4th grade 0-1 KB R.
5 Chestnut edging 50mm dry - 10% 3M 0-1 3 cubic meters R.
6. Lime mill 40mm. Length 4m, - 12m3. natures. wet R.
7. Lime edging, 100 mm, length 2 m - 50m3. natural.Mois. RB.
8. Lime mill humidity 20% 67 mm, length 2m - 100m3. RB.
9. Lime mill eats. Mois. 10% 18mm, length 2m - 50m3. RB.
9-A. Lipa pobres. 100mm, damp. 40% of length 4m-cu. R.
10. Beech edging 33mm, dry 8-10%grade 0-1, 2-4m 40m.a cube. R.
11.Beech edging 42mm, damp. 20% of the length m 15m.a cube. R.
12. Beech neopren. 45mm. Mois. 20% of the length m 5m fall. cube R.
13. Maple CHMP 30mm, dry -8%, length 4m, volume of 2.5 cubic meters RB.
14. Oak CHMP 30mm h-100mm, dline.8-1.20 m dry -8% 5 cubic meters RB.
15. Ash CHMP 30x 80-100mm, length 0.8-1.2 m dry 8% 30m.a cube. RB.
16. Oak logs 35-55cm, grade -1, Caucasian oak, from 200m.cube RB.
17. Elm logs 30+cm grade 1 according to GOST from 100m.cube RB
18. Maple wavy round 30+cm length from 3-5m R.
Discounts for quantities.