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Telescope Sky-Watcher DOB 130

Offer type: salePublished: 04.12.2013
Seller:Ivanov Alexandr
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Portable telescope on the mount Dobson for beginners astronomy. Telescope folding, it has a 130 mm parabolic mirror that provides high resolution and permeability. For observations it can be installed on a table or windowsill. Substantial aperture telescope (130mm) will observe almost all popular nebulous objects, and the planets and the Moon will show a lot of interesting details.
Aperture: 130 mm
Focus: 650 mm
Focuser: 1.25"
Relative aperture: 1/5
Resolution: 0,9" (angular seconds)
Penetrating power: 13.3-inch (magnitude)
The eyepiece Super 25mm (48x), 1,25"
The eyepiece Super 10mm (120x), 1,25"
The Seeker Star Pointer
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