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The reflector telescope Sky-Watcher 2001 PEQ-5

Offer type: salePublished: 04.12.2013
Seller:Ivanov Alexandr Tsena: 10500 grn
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Powerful high-quality reflector, a new series of Black Diamond. The tool is very well suited for observations slabovidjawih objects, as well as for astrophotography. Selected optics and improved mechanics.
The telescope comes with an Equatorial mount EQ-5 on a steel tripod micrometer move on two axes, as well as the possibility of installing two motors on both axes, with remote control. Focuser - 2" Crayford adapter to 1.25". Mirrors have a protective coating. Comes with 2" wide angle eyepiece 28 mm (36-fold) and seeker h. Net weight of the telescope 29 kg Maximum magnification: 400 times
Tireflator Newton
Diameter mm objective
Focal rasstojanie mm
Relative Hole1/5
Resolution sposobnosti,6" (angular seconds)
Penetrating sposobnosti,2 (magnitude)
Was.00 kg (packaged)
Razmeri cm
The 28 mm eyepiece (36x), 2"
Finder h
The Barlow lens 2x
The crowbar
Steel tripod