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Previsualise small furnace volume

Offer type: salePublished: 02.12.2013
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Address:Russian Federation
Uglification oven PU-1/1; one camera per 1m3
Heat source: built-in,internal.
The output of coal: 80-90 kg
Price: 55.000 RUB
Uglevyzhigatelnuyu complex PU-3/2; camera on 2m3
Heat source: external boiler
The output of coal from 150 kg daily
Price: 200.000 rubles
Uglevyzhigatelnuyu complex PU-3/1; 3 cameras in 1 m3
Heat source:external boiler
The output of coal from 100 kg. daily
Price: 150.000 RUB
Oven uglification "baby"
capacity from 3 tons per month
download the 2.5-3 cubic meters of firewood
the full cycle (cooling) 2.5-3 days
service 1 person
transported and Gazelle
The cost 155.000 RUB
Warranty, we work with all regions!