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Expert monetary valuation of land

Offer type: servicesPublished: 01.12.2013
Seller:Shamyichkov Pavel Vladimirovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv
Expert assessment of land involves the determination of the market value of the land or the market value of the right to lease the land.
Market value of the land in the first place, depends on its location and the influence of external factors, as well as supply and demand in the land market, and may not exceed the most probable costs to purchase another parcel of equivalent utility. Land valuation takes into account the quantitative and qualitative composition of communications and access to existing infrastructure networks, if the land plot is planned the construction of real estate. An important factor in determining the market value of the land, subject to the site development improvements are data engineering-geological and engineering-geodesic surveys allows us to determine the composition, condition and properties of soils and data about the situation and the terrain, necessary for forecasting the possible construction as well as costs associated with the construction. The value of land affected by functional purpose, ie, with what purpose you will use this site (under construction, gardening and so on). Valuation of land is based on the principle of the most efficient use of land, i.e. land price determined on the basis of such use of the site, which is the most likely, physically possible, reasonably justified, the relevant requirements of the current legislation and financial feasible.
Determining the market value of lease rights depends on the rights of the tenant, the validity of the offer, encumbrance, lease rights, rights of other persons to evaluate the object and purpose (permitted use) of land.
Valuation of land is an integral operation when the registration of the notarial transactions of purchase and sale, transfer, inherit land, property division, putting on balance, mortgage and lending, insurance, contribution to the share capital, for investment and preparing a business plan.