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MPG-Boost - the biocatalyst fuel.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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1. About the product

MPG-Boost - the biocatalyst fuel. Is a liquid form handler for the cameras internal combustion, which also increases fuel economy and reduces harmful emissions into the environment. MPG-BOOST™ uses a unique combustion catalyst, developed by the aerospace industry and providing maximum performance. This catalyst, which is found only in MPG-BOOST™ accelerates the actual rate at which the fuel is mixed with air in the chamber of an internal combustion engine. The result is a significant increase in the rate of fuel combustion.

2. Features, description, purpose

Biocatalysts combustion, which do not change the physico-chemical properties of fuel, and create special conditions for the change of the combustion process, in which the fuel is completely burnt in the combustion chamber and not in the exhaust manifold or the catalytic Converter.

The main purpose, the reduction of fuel consumption, engine protection against low-quality fuel, increasing the service life of the motor, reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Perfect for any new and old internal combustion engines running on gasoline, diesel fuel, LP gas (propane/butane), i.e. for cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, scooters, agricultural and military vehicles, motor boats, boats, boats, heavy equipment, generators of different capacity, chainsaws, etc.

The biocatalyst is in liquid form. Bottled in plastic bottle ml. Such amount is sufficient for 2000l. fuel

1. Positive impact in figures:
-reduction of fuel consumption by 10-30%
-reducing the amount of harmful emissions CO; CH; NOx exhaust emissions by 70-90%
-increase engine compression 30-40%
-increase engine power by 15-25%

2. Increases the life of the engine:
-cleans the combustion chamber, spark, injector, valve and exhaust-gas tract of soot, carbon savings and prevents the subsequent appearance.
-protects and prolongs spark, injectors and valves

3.Improving the operation of the engine:
-eliminates harmful knocks and reduces the operating noise of the engine
-reduces thermal and mechanical tensions engine

4.Protects the engine from low-quality fuel:
-improves the quality characteristics of the fuel during combustion
-increases the amount of useful energy produced by the combustion of fuel
-when injected into the combustion chamber to neutralize the negative impact of harmful engine additives.

Due to the unique formula, organic composition and minimum dosages of the product, catalysts MPG from absolutely safe for long-term use for the engine of your car.

3. Benefits

1.Reduces fuel consumption by up to 30% to Your benefit to save you money.

One bottle of MPG-Boost is enough for 2000l.

2. Increases engine life - Your benefits at a distance of repair of the engine increases in times accordingly to save you money.

3. Reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere - Your benefit, awareness that make the world a better and cleaner. Our children breathe clean air.

4. Application

Dosage for Petrol, Gas, Diesel: 1.5 ml per 10 liters of fuel in the first 5 refills. The dose is gradually reduced from 1.5 to 0.9 ml per 10 liters. Use conventional medical syringe, add the catalyst into the tank before each refilling see video

The saving effect appears for 5 of the tank (need to fill a full tank).

IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATIONS!!! If the flow is not changed, and may be increased because to remove carbon) to reduce the dose!!!