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Film bubble

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:ChP 'PAKOPAK'
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On today, air bubble packaging film is very popular polymeric material. It can be used in greenhouses and for greenhouse coverings, construction works and for already built buildings, transportation and packaging activities.

This film combines the properties of standard plastic the film, which protects the product from atmospheric influences, pollution and abrasion, and along with that has excellent cushioning properties that allow to avoid any damage from the strikes, and vibration while maintaining the product or products that Packed into this film.

Air bubble (bubble) the film is presented in the form of a layer of polyethylene bubbles that with two sides closed with plastic wrap. Each bubble is detached, and therefore, even if the damage of one or more bubbles, the rest retain inside the air and will continue to provide a protective the properties of the products.

More detail on the scope of air bubble film:

•Air bubble (bubble) packaging film very widely used for packaging and transportation of goods such as furniture, glass, electronics, appliances, industrial equipment, optics, plumbing, clockwork, Antiques and other fragile and breakable objects.
•Used for covering greenhouses, as it has excellent properties and is a good protector for greenhouses in agriculture. Moreover, thanks to special additives air bubble packaging film can contribute to the growth plants.
•It is able to protect the pool from excessive evaporation of water and debris, and also allows water to be heated faster.
•Air bubble packaging film is also excellent insulating material that can be used when construction and repair, for thermal insulation of floors and walls, to use the system "warm floor", for pipe insulation and in refrigeration equipment.
•It is also used for packaging products.
•Very actively used air - bubble film in daily life for the production of rugs and curtains bath the room, as a protective material for vehicles, etc.

The advantages of air-bubble (bubble) films

•She does not sink, do not get wet and rot
•Has a high level of cushioning and shockproof properties, protects products from shock, friction and vibration. Durable, stand to tearing and damage.
•The air - bubble film is not affected by temperature extremes
•It has insulating characteristics that owing to the closed bubbles inside the layers of polyethylene, the film contains within itself the dry air.
•Also this film dust-proof material, has a small weight, easily takes the form of a product and does not occupy much space.
•Does not attract insects and rodents
•Does not emit harmful substances and is an environmentally friendly material, no smell and non-toxic.
•Has high elasticity and is not dissolved from the action of the organic solvent
•Air bubble (bubble) packaging film has great vapor and waterproofing properties, allow to protect products and goods from excessive moisture.
•Bubble wrap also has thermal insulation properties that will appeal especially to those who decided to use it in home repairs for heat insulation.
•Air bubble packaging film may come in contact with food products, vegetables and fruit.
•For all its merits, the film also has a light and disposal is not an environmental contaminant.