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Of Shrink Film

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PVC shrink film film high quality on the basis of the biaxially oriented polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a feature of which is the ability to contract under the action of temperature. By reducing shrink wrap clings tightly pack the product according to the perimeter and assumes his form. While the product itself is not deformed. PVC shrink film at a relatively low cost has quite high quality. Shrink film PVC is a versatile packaging material used for packaging food and non food products.

Packaging shrink film helps to protect the packaged goods from various adverse effects in the process of transportation and the storage. The advantages of PVC shrink films can be attributed the ease of use. Wrapping with it can be applied simple shrink-wrapping machine. In addition to good mechanical, PVC shrink film has excellent optical properties. Shrink film has a transparency that allows the buyer to see the product from all sides and has a positive effect on presentable product. Allowed contact shrinkable films PVC food, this film corresponds to health and safety standards for use in the food industry.

Shrink film on the basis of PVC is used for single and group packaging products. In the process boxed packaging, each product is wrapped with shrink film, which as a result of the shrinking tightly fits the product, repeating his form.
For group packaging of pre-completed with a set of several units of product, which is then wrapped in foil. Products can be Packed only with shrink film, or may pre-laid on a special substrate.


Widespread use of PVC shrink films in non-food field. With the help of a shrink film with a low degree shrinkage packaged paper products - paper for printers, faxes, printed products such as magazines, books, calendars, the postcards. PVC shrink film is used for packing of goods electronic industry, audio and video tapes, CDs. In shrink film PVC packaged perfume and medical goods, cosmetics, toiletries, bed linen, baby toys and other products.


Widespread use of shrink films PVC in the food industry. Shrink film PVC wrapped bakery products, it increases the implementation period, protects against moisture and dust, improves appearance. Shrink film PVC can packaging pre-sliced bread. Confectionery packaged in shrink-wrap, pre-stacking them on rigid trays of appropriate dimensions. The tray provides, thanks its rigidity, better preservation of the product. The use of shrink PVC film for packaging meat products and poultry, in addition to the increase shelf life, make it convenient to trade in such goods.


The main characteristics of the shrink films, including PVC, are the coefficient of shrinkage and stress the shrinkage. The coefficient of shrinkage (shrinkage) - the ratio of the linear sizes before and after shrinking. Voltage shrinkage - stress, emerging in shrink film when heated. The shrinkage stress is determined by the thickness of the shrinkable film, the material of which it is custom-built, temperature and duration of heating. The higher the temperature of the heat shrinkable films, the less time it should heat to shrink. If the shrinking process is carried out at high temperatures, the heating time can be very small, which allows packaging in shrink film heat-sensitive products.

Product packaging in shrink film PVC made with the use of shrink machines. The product turns the film, then briefly treated with hot air. In by heating and subsequent cooling of the shrink film fits the subject. The most common shrink-wrapping machine - tunnel and chamber type.

Delivery shrinkable films is carried out in rolls, convenient for installation of special equipment. PVC shrink film is suitable for semi-automatic packaging machines and automatic tunnel type.