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Stretch films, PVC

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Stretch film PVC film food purposes, is intended for primary packaging food. Manufactured using polyvinyl chloride. There are two ways of production - blown and spray tanks. Blow the method allows to obtain more than a thin film.

The unique properties of PVC stretch film easily to stretch and lose its strength allows use it as packing material. PVC film designed for primary (direct) packaging in the food industry, the retail trade. In stretch PVC film packaged confectionery and bakery products, meat, poultry, fish, dried fruits. The PVC film can apply for hot products. For example, with such stretch film can be Packed freshly baked bread. Increased resistance to fats allows packaging stretch film PVC fatty products.

Stretch film PVC mainly used in industry for packaging of various products for high-speed automated lines, food industry and the service sector, trade networks.

Also, the PVC film is capable of being tightly encircle the product, and it does not form folds and not to leave the blank space between the packaging and the product, which in its turn gives the product is quite attractive, and saves the consumption of packaging film and the safety of the packaging.

Due to the high strength food stretch PVC film can be used both for manual, and for machine packaging. "Samarlakota" PVC stretch film facilitates the packaging process due to the ease of fixing packing material without the use of special sealing devices. It allows the packaging process manually, without using special packaging equipment.

The use of stretch film PVC has a number of advantages over plastic wrap:

  • high strength
  • moderate hardness of the material
  • selective permeability of gases
  • increased resistance to fats
  • high resistance to aggressive environments
  • high transparency and gloss
  • resistance to high temperatures
  • the possibility of heating unopened product in microwave ovens

The stretch film (PVC) - breathable film. Its main property is the permeability of gases and vapors that provides long-term safety of products and prevents the development of bacteria and mold growth in the packaged food.

In addition, the products are Packed in PVC film, not saveresults, much longer and retain their original look than when Packed in other kinds of films.

PVC film is ideal for packaging, as raw meat and meat products. This is due to indispensable the properties of PVC stretch film to pass oxygen and carbon dioxide that allows you to store meat products for a long time. As this property prevents the formation of a crust of ice on the tape during storage meat products in freezers that allows you to save a great presentation and freshness of the product.