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Vacuum Shrink bags

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Packages Vacuum shrink is a special type of packaging. This type of packaging will not only maintain the appearance of the product, pradit his term storage but will become his "second skin".

Shrink vacuum bags are used for packing under vacuum sausages, deli meats, portions of meat, poultry, grocery, as well as semi-finished products, fish products and semi-finished products, portioned meats cheese, soft and pickled cheeses.
Shrink film materials as packaging for food products are becoming increasingly popular. Today it is one of the most high-tech types of packaging that combines high barrier properties, durability, ergonomics and, due to the transparency, giving the opportunity to visualize the product.

Shrink vacuum bags from multilayer films

The main property of the outer polyester layer film is its high heat resistance, allowing the packets to not stick together in the evacuation process. This allows a 50% increase in the performance of the vacuum chamber due to the possibility of imposing multiple packages simultaneously in one cycle. The combination of layers polyester and polyamide gives the film high puncture resistance that allows guaranteed packaging such complex products as meat on the dice. The high mechanical strength have allowed manufacturers to reduce the film thickness by 30%. Shrink bags have excellent getiterations properties. The combination of the polyamide layer and a layer of a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl alcohol (EVOH) film virtually impermeable to oxygen, which can significantly to extend the shelf life of products. In this case, the shrinkage and weight loss product reduced to almost zero due to the special sealing layer, providing the film with low permeability to water vapor. The film not only keeps the product fresh, but also gives it attractive appearance. A high degree of shrinkage in combination with perfect transparency create the effect is almost invisible, as if glass, "second skin" of the product, enabling the consumer fully focus our attention on it. Glossy sheen makes the appearance of the product as attractive as possible

The structure of shrink bags provides a unique set properties and provides high gas and water vapour barrier when exceptional strength and transparency. They are specially designed for use the meat, poultry and fish processing industries food industry, and cheese production. Due to the shrinking and exceptional optical properties always provide sufficient force wrapping and "glass" transparency "second skin" of any of your products.

1. High resistance to puncture - allows packaging "complex" products, such as meat on the bone.
2. High barrier properties to oxygen - provides a high shelf life of the packaged product.
3. The minimum permeability - allows to minimize losses during storage of the product.
4. High shrink properties while ensuring uniform shrinkage in all directions - shrinkage at a temperature of 95 °C for not less than 40% without distorting the proportions of the figure print.
5. Exclusive "glass" transparency and gloss - allows you to showcase the product in the most attractive .
6. The minimum thickness and the absence of chlorine-containing substances reduces the load of the destabilizing factors in the surrounding Wednesday.
7. The ease of heat sealing - allows a guaranteed seal packages in any heat-seal equipment, reducing production costs by reducing the share of leaks, and razacharovanij repacking.
8. No clumping - if the packages are in contact in a vacuum the camera, they do not stick together in the evacuation process, which allows simultaneously vacuuming the greater the amount of packages and increase the performance of vacuum equipment.
9. A wide range of sizes - allows to ensure your needs and conditions of vacuum packaging for any produce your products.

You can order any size vacuum termousadochnuyu in the range from 70 to 900 mm or more in width and 180, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400mm in length. So we have always a supply of "standard" sizes.

If You decide to do a vacuum packaging for the first time or not sure if a specific packet size for Your products - You can always get quality advice about packing for phone or visit our office with a sample of Your products. Our experts will tell and show you all the details of packing, will choose for You optimal size, tell me how to achieve the best result.

We also have the ability to offer packaging services (advice)