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Vacuum bags Transparent

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:ChP "PAKOPAK"
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv

Vacuum bags are designed for the storage, sale, and transportation of food and technical products.

Food products need high-quality packaging, which would was able to extend the shelf life of the food product, and in addition to save all their beneficial properties and palatability.


Previously food products packaged in ordinary paper and plastic bags. Bacteria, moisture and oxygen quickly did its job, spoiled food, especially so called the delicacies that can't be stored for a long period of period.

It is abroad have realized the importance of "proper" packaging for food. Soon it came from and to Ukraine. Today You don't already meet Soviet paper and plastic bags. Instead a modern and high-tech types of packaging, such, for example, as vacuum bags under the gas. The purpose of these packages just: preserve freshness, which is achieved by means of inert gases inside the packaging. This method has long enjoyed the whole of Europe. This method began to use and Ukrainian producers. The main thing - keep fresh.

Typically, transparent vacuum bags are used for packaging of meat, fish, cheese, different types of cuts. This allows you to shed the shelf life of products additionally from 10 to 24 days*. But vacuum packing can be used in other industries, for example:

  • packaging of medical instruments, where it is important to maintain sterility and to prevent them to penetrate the bacteria from the environment
  • packing partswhere necessary to ensure tightness, that would not have penetrated moisture from the environment
  • properly vacuum Packed packages are able to provide complete sealing of the packaged product from negative environmental influences (gases, liquids, aggressive environment, polluting factors, perhaps a full immersion in the liquid)
  • food Packed in vacuum bags do not lose weight and maintain the aesthetic and presentation
  • and most importantly, don't forget "the Package has a weight!"

You can order any size vacuum bags in the range from 100 to 600 mm in width and 150 to 900mm in length. So we have always a supply of "standard" sizes.

If You decide to do a vacuum packaging for the first time or not sure if a specific packet size for Your products - You can always get quality advice about packing for phone or visit our office with a sample of Your products. Our experts will tell and show you all the details of packing, will choose for You optimal size, tell me how to achieve the best result.

We also have the ability to offer packaging services (consultation).