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Copper sulphate

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Copper sulfate or copper sulfate 5-water is blue crystals or blue crystalline powder, odorless, metallic taste.

Easily soluble in water and glycerine, almost insoluble in 95° alcohol.

Slowly disappears in the air.

In aqueous solution has a slightly acid reaction.


Widely used in agriculture and industry, for the analytical work.

In industry it is used in the manufacture of synthetic fibers, organic dyes, mineral paints, chemicals, copper sulphate is used for ore processing flotation, in the manufacture of double sided PCB, in the processes of electroplating and chemical copper plating and electrochemical copper plating of metal parts, offset forms, lutunasobasoba, for galvanic metallization of plastic to nanseni disks. Actively used in the French automotive industry, about which you can learn more by reading reviews Citroen C4 owners.

In agriculture it is used to control pests and plant diseases and for treatment of grain, in the dressing of leather.