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Bitumen road

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:OOO 'TRT Kompani '
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

The company "TRT company nrodetbitumen road of the brand 60/90 and 70/100, throughout Ukraine cars and railway standards. Producers: Kremenchug refinery, Mozyr oil refinery, Kirovohrad refinery, Russia.

Bitumen road - main features:

Viscosity is the main property that affect the structural and mechanical characteristics. When the temperature increases the viscosity decreases, that is, the bitumen begins to melt, and with decreasing - increasing, which leads to the increase in brittleness. Technical specifications this property referred to as penetration (the inverse of viscosity) and is measured in special units according to the degree of penetration of the needle device (penetrometer) inside the mixture.

Ductility is another important property. The degree of change depends from exposure to high temperatures, duration of loads and the number oils in the oil bitumen. Plasticity is characterized in terms as elongation, i.e. the ability of a material to stretch into a thin filaments under the influence of external forces.

The softening point of the bitumen is from 20 to 95 deg.

From embrittlement temperature bitumen depends on its resistance to frost: what this characteristic is lower the higher the quality.

Flashpoint - the main property characterizing the degree Flammability of bitumen when it is warming up. Flash and solid viscous mixtures is more than 200 deg.

Another important characteristic of bitumen is its adhesion, has the ability of adhesion to other surfaces. The adhesion is evaluated on a scale.