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The sulphonole

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The sulphonole is a mixture of sodium salts of alkylbenzenesulfonic obtained on the basis of linear alkyl benzene.
Subsequent granulation of an aqueous solution of sulfanol get sulfanol powder.
The SULPHONOLE powder 80% liquid and 40% Anionic surfactants
Sulfanol applies:
The sulphonole the basis of a wide range of detergents (powder, paste, liquid), car care products.
In the oil industry as:
stimulator education micellar solutions (Sulphonole enhances oil recovery by up to 50%);
additive to the water flooding the reservoir (Sulphonole enhances oil recovery by 5-8%);
component in the compositions for the removal of AFS (asphaltene-resin and paraffin deposits);
inhibitor of acid and hydrogen sulfide corrosion of equipment (Sulphonole provides high performance operation of the equipment, increasing the lifetime and reduce the number of breakouts of pipelines and equipment of refineries, promotes activities for the protection of the environment);
foaming agent;
component of the wetting compositions for transporting oil emulsions.
During gas production for:
increasing gas and condensate recovery reservoir during the period of declining production by processing bottom-hole zone gas wells;
fracturing of two - and three-phase foams.
In the operation of gas wells, storage and transportation of gas for:
combat watering holes (Sulfanol improves the yield of wells in the period of falling production of gas by the removal of fluid from the mouth and the bottom of the wellbore);
reduce turnaround idle wells and the preservation of their flow rate through the choke;
receiving water / air pen with adjustable stability the purpose of intensive ication flow of gas to downhole on underground gas storage, containment of gas storage capacities, prolongation of their waterless operation.
The sulphonole also apply:
In construction with foam production, isol - as a foaming agent.
As the basis for compositions for cleaning raw wool (Sulphonole improves washing, prevents return deposition of contaminants).
During the degreasing of raw hides.
When tanning (Sulphonole surface accelerates the swelling of the pelt and the penetration of the hardening agent into the skin).
In the paint industry (Sulphonole optimizes the properties of pigments and fillers, regulates dispersibility of pigments).
As the basis for compositions for dyeing fabrics.
In the production of filled rubbers (Sulfonolom modify the surface of the rubber fillers to regulate the rheological properties of raw mixtures and the creation of rubber products with optimal structure and physico-mechanical properties).