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Cadmium sulfide

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Cadmium sulfide is a chemical substance with the formula CdS.
Pigments based on cadmium sulfide are appreciated for their good thermal stability in many polymers, for example, structural plasmastar. When replacing some of the atoms of sulfur by selenium in CdS crystals you can get a variety of colors colors from green-yellow to red-violet. Climate resilience for this dye is 8, i.e. it is resistant to solar ultraviolet radiation.
Cadmium sulfide is a wide-gap semiconductor with a band gap of 2.42 eV at 300 K. This property CdS, used in optoelectronics, as in photodetectors and solar cells.
It is used for the manufacture of photoresists (devices, the electrical resistance of which changes depending on light conditions).
Cadmium sulfide is used as the phosphor (also mixed with zinc sulfide).
From single crystals of cadmium sulfide scintillators are made for the registration of elementary particles and gamma radiation.