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Molds for the production of foamed concrete foam blocks series Robus

Offer type: salePublished: 21.07.2017
Price:29 000 RUR
Company:OOO Robus
Seller:OOO Robus
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Address:Perm, Perm Krai, Russian Federation

Forms for production of slot foam series Robus from any type of concrete (foam concrete, polystyrene concrete, aerated concrete, arbolita, the claydite-concrete, and so on) from production enterprise "Rebus". The form for the manufacture of LEGO-blocks are made of the metal using a high-precision laser cutting technology, in which set walls of polymerforschung material and segments the plastic pipe of the desired length. The resulting block has a design "LEGO", therefore, when assembling the walls requires loaders, not a professional masons. Wall Assembly is made without mortar or with minimal costs glue. In the middle block is a hole 110mm, in which the concrete is poured. This the equipment used for the production of foam concrete and foam, is an integral part of the production line for foam (polystyrene) and foam blocks. The company Robus you will find only quality products. Buy molds for the production foam from the manufacturer is best price and quality guarantee. We deliver to any city of Russia and neighboring countries .