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Dewar SC-16 new

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:3 200 UAH
Company:Zhidenko N.O. FOP
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Address:Ukraine, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy

Dewar SC-16. A capacity of not less than 17.5 litres, dimensions of vessels of not more than 380*615 mm, the size of the filler is not more than 32 mm, the mass of the empty vessel of not more than 8.5 kg. Dewar Vessels are designed for long-term storage, transportation and use of small quantities of liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen. They can be used in research laboratories, hospitals, industrial production. Designed for storage and transportation of biomaterials at the temperature of liquid nitrogen. Used in agriculture (artificial insemination), medicine, biology. The use of-Science-Industry-Livestock and poultry-Medicine and Health-Cosmetology and Sport