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Cold galvanizing Paint cinnabarina

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:ChP 'NPF SVK'
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Paint cinnabarina and aluminiumspanen (Brand: SOC-1, SOC-2, SOC-3, SOC-4, TWS-5A, TWS-6A, TWS-7C, TWS-gr, TWS-GA, TWS-10V, TWS-11B, TWS-12V, TWS-13C, TWS-ES, SOC, SPA-FS)

THE 24.6-20257936-042-2003

Purpose: Paint cinnabarina and represent one aluminiumspanen or double track. Contain a corrosion inhibitor, pigment fillers zinc and aluminum, mixtures thereof and alloys based on organic or aqueous solvents with stabilizing additives to them. The compositions for application anticorrosion zinc rich and alyuminizirovannykh coatings, designed for long-term anticorrosion the protection of metal and concrete surfaces. The compositions after drying have a protective and passivating properties, but also increase the wear resistance and heat resistance surfaces in harsh climatic and production conditions. The main consumers and zinc-containing alyuminizirovannykh compositions are metal processing and metal-working enterprises, enterprises engineering and pipe mills that use large metal structures, pipes and ducts where required tread protection of metal surfaces.