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Installation of electrolytic-plasma polishing of parts from Belarus

Offer type: продамPublished: 19.02.2022
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Address:Republic of Belarus, Grodnenskaya Oblast, Smarhon'

The unit is designed for polishing articles made of corrosion-resistant steels by electrolytic-plasma polishing, provides improved quality of polished products is not less than 2 classes from the initial state and applies Xia in the following areas:

 1. Polishing of stainless and carbon steels, copper and copper-containing alloys, molybdenum, Nickel, titanium and other metals and alloys, as for final finishing of surfaces, and for preparing surfaces for the subsequent deposition of galvanic coatings or coatings with the use of vacuum technology.

 2.Deburring, dulling the sharp edges, etching, degreasing.

 3.Polishing household products, stainless steel cookware, jewelry, cases watches, bracelets, items of sports equipment, knobs, buttons, etc. As result of this treatment will be removed few microns of superficial metal and surface obtain mirror shine.

 4.Electropolishing of engineering products, turbine blades, gears, shafts, bearing cages, San theobromine, towel, water and electric radiators.

 5.Polishing medical instrumentation: surgical, dental, titanium implants for herbs-matology, metal dentures, items, braces, artificial heart valves, etc.

 6.Restore surfaces that have lost their original properties as a result of use or exposure are ropriate external factors, such as decontamination, removal of Burr.

 7.Bath dimensions working module depend on the size of the processed products and are selected or designed individually according to customer's requirement.

 8.Power sources for installation of electropolishing are supplied with the following facilities: 10, 40, 63, 100, 250, 400, 630, 1000 kW.

 At the heart of the installation is a method of electro-polishing, which consists in creating around the workpiece immersed in the electrolyte, the gas-vapor shirt, and her complex physical and chemical effects on the surface of the product. As a result, there is little exposure to metal removal and reducing surface roughness polished.


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