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The ferromolybdenum powder

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The use of ferromolybdenum
The largest practical application of ferromolybdenum is its use in non-ferrous alloys, and depending on the range of molybdenum, it is suitable for machines and equipment, military equipment, factory pipes that carry parts and rotary drills. Ferromolybdenum is also used in cars and trucks, locomotives and ships. In addition, ferromolybdenum is used in stainless and heat resistant steels, which are used in synthetic fuels and chemical plants, heat exchangers, generators, oil refining equipment, pumps, turbines, pipes, propellers, plastics and storage containers acids. Tool steels, high range percentage of ferromolybdenum, which are used in high-speed machining parts, cold air tools, drills, screwdrivers, dies, cutters, heavy castings, ball and rolling mills, rollers, cylinder blocks, piston rings and large drill.