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Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:Kompaniya 'Ecochemical'
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

In addition to the logs for the construction of wooden houses extensive use of timber. The easiest option is solid timber. It is produced industrially from logs, sawing off four edges. But a much more modern version is a one-piece profiled beam. In its manufacture conventional timber strictly defined standard form (profile), its surface planed on the first class purity - that is, to the level of the lining.

As the advantages of glued profiled beam should be noted first of all that the house from it quickly and easily assembled, as all products are produced on machines with high precision. As a rule, after precipitation frame made of profiled timber, caulking insulation is not required, and the flow rate of the insulation is minimal. In addition, the profile of the beam is calculated so that rain water does not get between the logs that protects walls from the emergence of pockets of decay. And of course, the house of planed lumber immediately after the construction is neat and attractive appearance and does not require additional finishing.

But, speaking of profiled beam, we must not forget that this is a bulk material and to dry it, when the shrinkage and deformation will be minimal, it is difficult - if non-processing technology, it can, as they say the builders, "the story".

To get rid of the problems of shrinkage and deformation, in recent time the wooden construction are increasingly using glued profiled beam. This material was introduced about 30 years ago and quickly became very popular. This is not surprising, because the laminated Board has no inherent weaknesses of a massive whole logs and lumber. He carefully dried, its moisture content is usually 9±1%, more durable and less prone to a variety of adverse effects (rot, etc). Shrinkage of laminated veneer lumber does not exceed 1%, which gives an opportunity to significantly reduce the time of construction of "turnkey" - does not require long waiting precipitation frame.

All these advantages of glued laminated timber due to its production process, which consists of several consecutive stages. The most common material for laminated veneer lumber - pine and spruce, are less likely to use larch and cedar. First of all logs dismiss on the boards of the required size, which are carefully dried. In contrast to the massive solid timber boards to dry much easier, so their moisture content is significantly lower. The material is tested for the presence of visible defects. The damaged areas are removed, and the remaining spliced on the mini-spike. After the boards are dried, treated with fire retardants and preservatives, their plane on the first class purity. Of these carefully dried, oestrogenic sorted and collected pieces of boards, called lamellae, on special presses and glued timber. Slats can be from 2 to 5, which allows the beam is sufficiently "thick" is the maximum thickness up to 200 mm For bonding using special high-strength water-resistant adhesives that do not disrupt the ability of wood to "breathe". Bonding quality meets the international standard DIN EN 204 class D4. Another trick in the manufacture of laminated veneer lumber is that when pasting into a single beam direction of the wood grain, or, as they are called, "annual rings", the slats are set in the opposite one from the other side. Due to this, glued laminated timber is more durable compared to normal, when humidity changes it does not change its form, that is, it "does not" increase insulating properties.

After sklipky slats from the array at the special high-precision machines are used to cut the beam of the required size and profile. This is one of the most critical moments of manufacturing glued laminated timber, because of the precision of the Paso-ridge connection depends on the quality of the beam and, as a result, the quality of your future house. The manufacturers of glued laminated timber structures of these compounds are significantly different. There are designs that represent a groove and a projection, in which the seal tape is laid synthetic sealant. When using more complex systems the groove-protrusion use of additional seals are not required due to the high precision and, as a result, absolutely dense combining elements such articulation is not blown and not freeze, they do not penetrate the moisture.

And a few words about some types of glued laminated timber. Manufacturers of glued wood produce glulam made of solid boards, and broshennyh of separate pieces, which, in turn, may or may not have knots. Typically, the beam of broshennyh slats is longer glued solid boards, its length is 9, and if necessary 11m."