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Iron sulfate

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Iron sulfate (ferrous sulfate, iron sulfate)
- salt of sulfuric acid crystals is a greenish-blue color is soluble in water.
Depending on the concentration of active ingredient during normal the terms shall be: blue-green monoclinic crystals, very soluble in water.
Under the influence of temperature changes colour.

Main uses:

water treatment and purification of water from phosphate;
preparation of ink and mineral colors;
preservation of wood;
the reagent in chemical laboratories, etc;
in the manufacture of building panels;
for dyeing wool in the textile industry;
for the tanning of hides in the leather industry;
enrichment mnogoseriynogo coal;
for the extraction of useful components from ores;
the production of iron-Nickel batteries.

The security requirements.
The degree of impact on the human body refers to substances III toxicity class (moderately hazardous). The maximum allowable concentration aerosol sulfate, iron (P) in the working area of industrial premises 2 mg/m. non - flammable, fire and explosion.