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Sodium hypochlorite (GHN)

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Sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO) is produced in the form of a solution concentration of 100-190 g/l of active chlorine.
Aqueous solutions of sodium hypochlorite (HHN) are widely used for disinfection due to its high antibacterial activity and a wide range of different microorganisms, this sanitizer the tool finds application in many areas of human activities, including the treatment of drinking and waste water.
Disinfectant action GHN based on the fact that when dissolved in water it is exactly the same as chlorine when dissolved in water, forms a hypochlorous acid, which has a direct oxidizing and disinfectant action
The reaction is in equilibrium, and the formation of hypochlorous acid depends on the pH and water temperature.

For solutions GOST 11086-76 permitted loss of active chlorine by after 10 days from date of shipment no more than 30% of the initial the content and the color change to reddish-brown.
For solutions on THE permitted loss of available chlorine after 10 days from date of shipment for brands A and B is not more than 30% of the initial content for grades C and D - no more than 20%, to Brand e - no more than 15%.