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Colorless liquid with a peculiar pungent odor. Temperature melting point = 5,5 °C, boiling point = 80,1 °C, density = 0,879 g/cm3.
A significant portion of the resulting benzene is used for synthesis of other products:

about 50% of benzene converted to ethylbenzene ( alkylation of benzene with ethylene);
about 25% of benzene converted to cumene (alkylation of benzene by propylene);
approximately 10-15% of the benzene is hydrogenated to cyclohexane;
about 10% of benzene is used in the production of nitrobenzene;
2-3% of the benzene is converted into linear alkylbenzenes;
approximately 1 % of benzene is used for the synthesis of chlorobenzene.

In significantly smaller amounts of benzene is used for the synthesis of some other compounds. Occasionally, and in extreme cases, due to the high toxicity, benzene is used as solvent. In addition, benzene is included in the composition of gasoline. Due to the high toxicity of its content the new standards are limited to the introduction to 1 %.